Micah Lanier | Design & Illustration

Plot Devices

After the success of the Kickstarter campaign for the Storyclock Notebook, Plot Devices was formed. As a Co-Founder and Director of Design, my role is to bring the brand to life, develop new physical and digital products, and carry the design language through to video and our social media channels.

Plot Devices' mission is to create products that cultivate spontaneity and resourcefulness in the trenches of filmmaking. The brand is about embracing the process, rather than the finished product of a film. Using bold, fun colors and pencil marks to represent the creative mind at work, the brand also uses iconic movie stills for inspiration.

Work includes creating current products like pins and pennants, posters included in each order as a treat to customers, imagery for blog and social media posts, and design and development of future iOS apps.

Check it out at plotdevices.co